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방사방염 (봉제용) Flame Retardant (Sew-On Fabric)

반사방염원단 소방용 의복에 필요한 반사방염원단 입니다. 소방용 의복의 팔이나 허리에 재봉하여 사용합니다.
Flame Retardant Fabric Flame retardant fabric is a reflective fabric which has glass beads on top of an anti-flaming fabric. It is most widely used for safety wears that need flame retardant performance and it is often done by sewing it on arms and waist. Machine washable at 75℃ industrial wash or 60℃ domestic wash.

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  • 규격

    Standard Size

    50mm/1070mm x 50m
    51mm/75mm x 50m
  • 원단


    Poly/Cotton Blends, Polyester, Cotton, Nomex